Iliana about herself:

My aim is to bring the people who practice with me into the entirety of their existence and in contact with their individual possibilities. There is also music, shaking, making funny faces, laughing and gentle food for thought – yoga is all lifen 😉

My yoga practice is gentle and powerful, slow and demanding, concentrated and playful – a colorful mix like life itself. I practice asanas and have been developing my knowledge of yoga as a way of life since 2010.


My story:

Yoga for me started in Berlin Bikram studio. Pranayama and Asana at almost 40 degrees. Sauna, sports and meditation in one.

After five years of intensive practice I decided to become a yoga teacher in 2016. I chose Anusara Yoga from Meghan Currie (, a student of John Fried. What fascinates me about Meghan is the human-authentic, paired with strength and ease of her asana practice.

During my yoga teacher training in Bali, I recognized the energetic orientations from the Anusara that enable me and now my students to achieve their goals on the mat as well as in life. Since then they have been an important basis for my instructions:

  • Beeing nice to yourself is so important for your growth and development
  • Every step happens at the perfect time
  • You are strongen than you believe
  • You can practice awareness and presence in every moment
  • Gentleness and strength always go hand in hand

I teach a mix of Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga. This means that my asanas merge into each other fluently. I pay close attention to the alignment of the body, internal and external energy. Sometimes an exercise can be held or carried out so slowly that we learn to feel ourselves intensely.

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