Classes for Beginners and Advanced Students

in Heidelberg – Handschuhsheim

Following an official resolution to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2/Corona-Virus on March 16th 2020 and for the protection of us all, I will stop teaching in the studio from Tuesday, March 17th, 2020.

So that you don’t have to survive the next few weeks without yoga, I offer you the following solution:

In times of corona you also can join the classes online.

To join register in the booking system as usual. We will send you a participation link via email for the video conference software “Zoom”. Then follow the instructions and log in at the hour of the course.

Next to the Online-Registration (above) you can just give me a call: 0171 4509409 or send me a Whatsapp / Email:

You can find a description of our classes here.

Pricing / Energy Exchange:

Monthly Subscriptions – All You can Yoga!



  • Trial Month: 80,00 Euro
  • Trial Month: 70,00 Euro
  • 3-Month suscription: 90,00 mtl.
  • 3-Month suscription: 80,00 mtl.

Group Lessons:



  • Trial Lesson: 13,00 Euro
  • Trial Lesson: 8,00 Euro
  • Single Date: 16,00 Euro
  • Single Date: 10,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Five: 85,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Five: 45,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Ten: 130,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Ten: 80,00 Euro

Private Lesson:



·        Single Date: 70,00 Euro ·        Single Date: 40,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Five: 225,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Five: 170,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Ten: 500,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Ten: 200,00 Euro

Registration for Private Lessons at Calendly:




Steubenstrasse 14,
69121 Heidelberg – Handschuhsheim
Telefon / Whatsapp: 0171/4509409

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