Classes for Beginners and Advanced Students

in Heidelberg – Handschuhsheim

We teach all classes Online but interactive

Due to the last nationwide regulation on Infection protection measures against the spread of the coronavirus, I have to stop public operation in the studio from Monday, November 2nd, 2020.
But you don’t have be without yoga for the next weeks, you can join all the classes online. The teaching will be interactive like in the studio because we installed a wide screen monitor so I can see and follow everything you do.

For online yoga classes:

To join register in the booking system as usual. We will send you a participation link via email for the video conference software “Zoom”. Then follow the instructions and log in at the hour of the course.

Next to the Online-Registration (above) you can just give me a call: 0171 4509409 or send me a Whatsapp / Email:

You can find a description of our classes here.

Pricing / Energy Exchange:

Monthly Subscriptions – All You can Yoga!



  • Trial Month: 80,00 Euro
  • Trial Month: 70,00 Euro
  • 3-Month suscription: 90,00 mtl.
  • 3-Month suscription: 80,00 mtl.

Group Lessons:



  • Trial Lesson: 13,00 Euro
  • Trial Lesson: 8,00 Euro
  • Single Date: 16,00 Euro
  • Single Date: 10,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Five: 85,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Five: 45,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Ten: 130,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Ten: 80,00 Euro

Private Lesson:



·        Single Date: 70,00 Euro ·        Single Date: 40,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Five: 225,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Five: 170,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Ten: 500,00 Euro
  • Ticket of Ten: 200,00 Euro

Registration for Private Lessons at Calendly:




Steubenstrasse 14,
69121 Heidelberg – Handschuhsheim
Telefon / Whatsapp: 0171/4509409

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