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I was born in Russia in 1990 and came to Germany at the age of 12. Mathematics was my favourite subject at school, so I decided to study it after graduating from high school. I am now about to complete my doctorate in the interdisciplinary field of mathematics / medicine.

I had my first experience with yoga while working at the Department of Mathematics / Physics. During the development of a workshop, I came across a book that described how breathing techniques and yoga can increase concentration and improve learning. My interest was piqued, I read more books on these topics and finally I began to practice yoga regularly.

Over the next two years, a daily yoga practice changed my life so positively that I decided to give my increasing knowledge about yoga  to others and become a yoga teacher.

During my two-year Yoga teacher training, I volunteered to teach yoga at the Catholic University Center for one year. From summer 2017 I started teaching yoga on the Heidelberg river bank in the open air.

After completing my yoga teacher training, I completed an education as a fitness trainer at the Academy für Sport und Gesundheit to deepen my knowledge of anatomy, but also to better understand how fitness training can be combined with yoga. I like to teach Hatha Yoga Flow, Power Yoga and Yin Yoga.

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